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Glowing, Glistening, Growing: Songs for Hot Girl Summer & Self-Care Queens

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Glowing, Glistening, Growing: Songs for Hot Girl Summer & Self-Care Queens

by Tessa Barker

Yes, it’s hot girl summer. But it’s also self-care girl summer, smart girl summer, glowing girl summer, and most certainly sweet almond girl summer! Taking care of yourself should be a priority after the shit show that was 2020 and let’s be honest, kind of 2021 too. As we get back into busy schedules, going out, and (gasp) grimy open air, it would be easy to skip putting on sunscreen, or a quick facemask here and there. It can also be mentally overwhelming after a year of isolation, so taking care of your emotional and physical health is as important as ever.

The pandemic may have brought our normal lives to a halt, but that’s in the past and it’s time to glow up!

Like all the other wellness companies, AROOMATHERAPY recommends a daily self-care routine. This could look like a methodic makeup regime, or simply journaling five minutes every morning. Whatever it is, make it consistent and let it bring you a moment of peace as our lives get busy again. There are some unique products and experiences to liven up your routine.

Check out this Sweet Almond Oil screams self-care, with tons of skin and hair benefits. Let’s break it down:

Improves complexion and skin tone: Sweet almond oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which help prevent premature aging caused by all of that stuff that hits college students hard; lack of sleep, crappy diet, you get the idea…

Treats dry skin and hair: Thanks Captain Obvious. It’s an oil.  Luster is the name of the game here.

Reduces puffiness: Almond oil is an anti-inflammatory, meaning it can help swelling of the skin. Obviously, a good night’s sleep can do the same, but we’re students so we know that’s kind of out of the picture.

Improves acne: The oil’s fatty acid help dissolve excess oil on the skin and improve cell turnover. I know it sounds counterintuitive to use an oil to get rid of oil, but hey, whatever works!

Now that you know the benefits of Sweet Almond Oil, you’re all set, right? WRONG! You think a little oil is going to give you the hot girl summer Megan Thee Stallion raps about? Unfortunately, no. There’s more to it.

You need confidence. You need authentic happiness. You need that natural glow. If you want us to say you need a new wardrobe as an excuse to go shopping, sure you need a new wardrobe. You need a routine to set yourself up every single day as you indulge in the self-care you deserve. Let’s get one thing straight: self-care is not selfish!  

As with all AROOMATHERAPY products, we’ve curated a playlist to go along with your sweet almond skin care routine featuring hot girl staples like Ariana Grande and Charli XCX as well as up-and-coming fem pop stars like Julia Nunes and Ida Tosh. This all-female lineup will give you a boost of confidence as you go through your morning routine, whatever that may look like.

The playlist can be shuffled or played through because there is no storyline with these songs. They all tell one message, and it is this:

There is no one type of girl. Maybe you’re a “Tomboy” like Destiny Rogers, or a “Dream Girl” like Anna of the North. Whoever you are, you are correct in your femininity. You are “Everything He Needs” like Carly Rae Jepson and you are “Glowing” just like alayna. Whoever you are and however you identify, your expression is valid.

So, while we’re talking about listening to this playlist while you curl your hair or paint your nails just remember that those activities are for EVERYONE!

Delving into the curation process just a bit more, you’ll notice as balance between RnB and pop. With a focus in mid-tempo rhythm and female empowerment (obviously,) this playlist is meant to be listened to in the morning. The songs can wake you up but not in an aggressive “Get the hell out of bed” way. I was going for a “Hey beautiful, time to start the day,” type of vibe. Similarly, I wanted the themes of the songs to be “girly” but not in a stereotypical pop-only way. That’s why you’ll hear artists like UMI and Solange who incorporate chill, rhythmic vibes that still say, “Pretty Girl hi!”

So, with the bluntness of King Princess and the confidence of Lizzo, go forth, and claim your spot as the hottest person on campus. And by hottest we mean, kindest, happiest, and balanced because you’re, like, really pretty. And we mean that in the most non-Regina George way possible.

Click HERE to listen to Glow Up! It's Hot Girl Summer


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