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‘UP’ BEATS: The Indie Pop of Essential Oils

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‘UP’ BEATS: The Indie Pop of Essential Oils

by Ava Lynch

What is the one thing that artists Peach Tree Rascals, Tai Verdes, Dominic Fike, Bryce Vine, and Aries all have in common? Well, they’re all indie pop artists outputting the kinds of hits that make you want to drive with the windows down, chill at a party, and crank out that essay you’ve put off for so long that it’s a week overdue. That, and they’re the music version of AROOMATHERAPY’S ‘UP’ BEATS Essential Oil Blend. Confused? I’ll explain.

To put the ‘UP’ BEATS blend into perspective for you, think about this: have you ever put on certain songs or a particular genre to make yourself feel a certain way? Whether it was sad music to let your emotions out, or some feel good songs to boost your mood? That’s EXACTLY what you can do with ‘UP’ BEATS. This blend is designed to boost your mood when you’re feeling down, or help you start any ordinary day on the right foot. Just like this blend that is made up of five different key scents, here are five artists that match the kind of energy contained within this blend.

Let’s kick things off with Peach Tree Rascals. These guys cover all kinds of ground with their music. They’re the alternative/indie pop band that exposes you to vibes you didn’t know you needed. Let me paint you a picture really quick: you’re the main character in your typical college kid movie, and you just had a stressful day for your typical college kid reasons, but there’s this party. It’s Friday night, you just drowned in school this week, and have nothing left in you to get your butt to that party. Your friends try to drag you there, calling you “lame” to guilt you into joining them, and you cave. You show up, and as you open that door to the party, this feel good indie song is playing. You know what song that is? “OOZ” by Peach Tree Rascals. And that party is a hundred times better than it would have been chilling in your dorm by yourself, heating up a pack of ramen in your microwave, and watching Netflix’s latest original series. That song carries the kind of energy that can boost your mood from any level; it’s chill enough that it’ll keep you content, but it brings the energy when you need it to. This stands true for more than just this track. The whole rest of the project that “OOZ” is included on, Camp Nowhere, has this same feel-good vibe that we all look for at the end of a stressful day where all we need to do is focus on the fact that everything is going to work itself out in the end.

Speaking of things working themselves out, let’s talk about Tai Verdes. This guy popped up out of nowhere on TikTok and has been hitting us with some dope summer bangers. In particular, “A-O-K” is exactly (and I mean EXACTLY) what this whole blend is about: letting the stress melt away and remembering that everything is going to be alright. That’s what this song is about. The world is this HUGE place, and in the grand scheme of things we are so small, and the unfortunate events of today are an even smaller fraction of it all. You can’t listen to this song and stay stressed. It’s impossible. The vibes of the guitar groove just carry this infectious energy that you cannot deny (especially if you pair it with some *cough* ‘UP’ BEAT blend *cough*). Plus, he’s got other tracks like “Stuck In The Middle” and “DRUGS” that have that same kind of energy. You know that kind of music that you play driving with the windows down in the middle of the afternoon? That’s what I’m talking about here. It’s the catchy stuff that’s not too pop-ish to throw on the aux with your friends in the car. Queue up some Tai Verdes next time you’re on aux, and you can thank me later.

Now Dominic Fike is someone who’s probably seen your aux a time or two, because I know he’s been on mine. You know that song that goes “3 nights at the motel, under streetlights”? Yeah, that’s this guy. Another very vibey guitar kind of jam (sensing a pattern here?). This song seems like the kind of thing that your roommate would play in your dorm room to try and get you to stop worrying about your next due date and just relax for a minute. I can hear it now: the *ping* of the Bluetooth speaker connecting to their phone, the song starts, the volume slowly rises, and then suddenly it’s accompanied with your roommate’s off-key singing. Ahhh roommates. Who better than your randomly assigned roommate to shift your focus onto something besides homework every once in a while? Dominic Fike makes the kind of music that you could start your day with and be set with this positive mindset for the rest of it. Imagine how unstoppable you’d be if you started your day diffusing some ‘UP’ BEATS and putting Dominic Fike in your headphones on the walk to class. That’s a powerful combination of good vibes.

Bryce Vine is kind of like Dominic Fike where you’re asking yourself “where do I know this name from?”. And here’s the answer: “Sour Patch Kids”. Bryce broke onto the music scene with his care-free song about Sour Patch Kids. Can you believe this song is SEVEN YEARS OLD??? I feel like this still makes the daytime party playlist almost every time. The cool thing about this song is the trumpet riff that is ingrained in all our memories as much as the actual lyrics are. More recently he’s put out more songs with the same kind of upbeat feel that starts in the drums. “Care At All” actually has a similar drum feel to “Sour Patch Kids”, except with a little bit more action. “Care At All” is the kind of song you’d listen to if you caught yourself slipping into negativity after you took the time to diffuse some ‘UP’ BEATS. It’s like pointing the finger at yourself and saying, “this just boosted your mood for the day, and you’re letting THIS bother you?”. It’s just a reminder to forget about the stress and remember how great that blend made you feel. Focus on the positives.

When it comes to Aries, you can’t let the fact that one of his top songs is called “BAD NEWS” turn you away. Aries is the kind of artist you could group with a lot of different other artists but can’t really pinpoint in one specific spot. If we look at “DITTO”, we see some acoustic guitar vibe that Dominic Fike has in “3 Nights”. This is the kind of song you listen to walking on campus like you’re the main character. Then you get to songs like “SANTA MONICA” that bring in some electric, emo vibes, but they’re still upbeat enough that you could throw them on that summer aux. It’s the kind of song you could hear them blasting outside a frat house while playing beer pong on the front lawn. It doesn’t get more college than this. Then, there’s “CONVERSATIONS” that is like if you threw a sad twist on a Tai Verdes song. The odd thing is that none of it sounds sad. You still want to nod your head along and listen to it on a long drive. The way Aries uses drums and electric guitar, it sounds super emotional, but it still carries the good energy on through.

All five of these artists are quite different from one another, but they share this one common theme (and this time I don’t mean that they match the ‘UP’ BEATS blend). The way all of them utilize the drums and their main rhythm instrument is what creates this vibe that they all share. The variance between them lies in how they use the beat and the rhythm to shape the feel of the song, and that’s why “DITTO” by Aries is the main character anthem, while “OOZ” by Peach Tree Rascals is the party song that made you glad you came. They’ve all got these good vibes in the music that just make all the worries go away, just like ‘UP’ BEATS. After all, why else would it be called ‘UP’ BEATS?

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