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4 Must-Have Essential Oils for College Students: A Guide To Stress-Free Studying

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4 Must-Have Essential Oils for College Students: A Guide To Stress-Free Studying

by Anna Valaik

What’s worse than doing homework? Studying.

Studying requires an intense amount of focus and concentration, which many of us college students lack considering the world of technology in which we live. Nowadays, thanks to apps like Instagram and Tik Tok, we can barely focus on something for more than five to ten seconds. Our need to be endlessly scrolling, moving, or thinking does not make it easy to sit still, be present and truly dive into something with our minds. However, with college comes the absolute need to learn how to study efficiently and effectively. Almost every college class requires some form of study, whether it be writing a paper, presenting a project, or simply filling out a 50-question test. All call for long hours spent at a desk, learning and re-learning concepts and endless amounts of information.

Believe it or not, there are lots of ways to make things more productive and less stressful. Even though studying may feel, at times, truly impossible, the way to make it worry-free is to take breaks. AROOMATHERAPY, the industry-leader of essential oils for college students, considers a “break” the perfect time to take a beat and incorporate some go-to essential oils for stress relief into your day or night routine. Here’s a guide as to how to use essential oils to maximize your time studying and relieve some of that pent up tension in the body and mind. (Yes, that’s possible!)

Essential Oils to Use While Studying

While some essential oil blends are developed simply for their amazing scent profiles, many blends are formulated to serve a specific purpose, mood, or intention for the consumer. As luck would have it, pure, therapeutic-quality essential oils are known to have healing and stress-relieving properties. Worth a shot, right!?

Study Break

The secret to studying efficiently is allowing yourself to take breaks. Period. It’s important to remember that repeating words or definitions 1,000 times over does not mean that your memorization abilities will follow suit. Instead, focus on studying for an hour or so and then stop. Full disclosure: breaks can be tricky considering how easily it is to get distracted from the task at hand; some students may wander from their work for longer than expected, talk to friends, or simply throw in the towel. Start by resisting the urge to look at your phone.  It’s a break, not a detour. Walk around for a second, stretch, take a few breathes, then get back to it. These little breaks are essentially little breaths; a chill way to find that reset button that we all innately have.

It’s natural to feel defeated and truly wonder if you can read over your finance textbook for the fifth time, and might we suggest trying Study Break to refocus. It’s an essential oil blend that was specially designed to be conducive to drowning out the distractions and getting back to work. It’s potent stuff and just a few drops will do the trick in an electric diffuser. The Sweet Orange and Pink Pepper essential oils in it are particularly invigorating scents, which will light up your senses once again and can help to prepare you for your next study session. It’s college and there will be a ‘next’.  So, best get a handle on things now for smoother sailing and optimal learning.  If you’re heading out to cram at a friends or just getting your usual table at Starbucks, your best bet is a rollerball.  It’s like ‘focus on-the-go’! So, whether you opt for the portable rollerball or diffuse it by your desk, Study Break will have you hitting those books like the rock star student that you are!


While Study Break is a blend, there’s also just about everyone’s’ go-to oil... Lavender. This single note essential oil is great for the masses as it ’works’ in so many scenarios plus it just smells so darn good. Had one too many coffees and are now buzzing around your room like a mad person? Accidentally slept in the library and are running on two hours of sleep? Your word document somehow got deleted two hours before its due date? Try Lavender; it might just be the saving grace you need.

While studying or working on homework, there will be times when the assignments become so overwhelming that can lead to feeling hopeless. You just want to cry, throw your computer down the stairs, and consider every job out there that does not require a college degree. This is normal, trust me. In times like these, it’s important to take a step back and breathe and grab the Lavender. The vibes it gives off are like liquid “calm.” and its gorgeous aroma is the perfect study partner reminding you to stay composed during even the most hectic of times.

This Sucks!

In a world where it seems like all we do is stare at computers all day long, it’s become normal to get that horrible afternoon headache almost every day especially when we’re studying. That’s when we are most likely not moving our bodies, eating well, sleeping enough, and just generally not taking care of ourselves. When we’re too busy focusing on a test or assignment, we often put our health on the backburner. As a result, headaches become all too frequent. So, next time you feel something coming on, don’t just down some water and hope it goes away. Try This Sucks!, a blend made to target those annoying headaches. It’s a rollerball specially formulated with several purposeful essential oils, including Peppermint, known for its cooling and cleansing properties. Since rollerballs are diluted, you can apply it directly to your forehead, neck area, and shoulders, noticing the pace of your breath and areas where you’re literally and figuratively holding on like shoulders, lower back and the back of your neck. Simply roll This Sucks! on your pulse points to help release all the tension and bring in a bit of ease and also perspective.

2 AM

There comes a point while studying that everything blurs together. You have spent what feels like five days going over and over the same information and have practically memorized the textbook word-for-word. At this point, you’re kind of an expert on whatever you may be studying, but you can’t help but worry that you could do more, read more, practice more. Don’t! Hold Up! Stop! It’s important to know your limits to avoid burning yourself out. If you ever find yourself going way past your bedtime and not actually doing any productive work, quit. Quit because your best bet is getting some much-needed rest and committing to review it all again the next day is the better option both for your mind and your body.

2 AM can be your saving grace on these kinds of nights, especially if you are finding yourself in bed during those early hours of the morning; your mind still going 100 mph. 2AM is a ‘sleep’ blend infused with calming oils like Lavender and Sage helping to chill you out so that you can wind down. Even on your most wired nights, it’s important to get some sleep to have a chance at feeling rejuvenated the following day. Otherwise, you’ll just keep trudging along, low on energy, high on stress.

At the end of the day, studying for tests or writing long research papers helps us to develop the skills we need to succeed later in life. We become more focused, efficient individuals, ready to tackle any challenge. It’s a critical time in our lives where we can learn how to manage our time and, equally important, our stress levels. The time is now to become aware of your body’s needs and to develop some boundaries with self-care. Let’s face it, an unhealthy person is typically at a disadvantage on a test. Look at opportunities to organize more, to be more productive and to learn to pace yourself. We’re not going to lie; it takes planning and self-discipline. Those last-minute type of situations don’t typically do a body good. So, begin implementing stress-reducing ways to tackle your schoolwork and mounting responsibilities, put in the effort and you’ll get to know where those boundaries are that you need to begin honoring. You can do this!  Well, maybe with the help of an essential oil or two, but no one needs to know about that!


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