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Absolutely ESSENTIAL Essential Oils for Getting Through Your Freshman Year of College

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Absolutely ESSENTIAL Essential Oils for Getting Through Your Freshman Year of College

by Jenna Winkelmann

Freshman RULE! You don’t hear this very often, but when it comes to college, it’s true!

Freshman year is a time where college students get to venture out on their own for the very first time and find out who they truly are. It’s a time for self-discovery, independence, personal growth, and MAJOR FUN!

However, there are always obstacles that block you from living your best life, and sometimes the journey to self-discovery can take a few wrong turns along the way.

It can be hard to begin a whole new chapter in your life. And it’s normal to wish that you had a saving grace to help you get through those hard times. Well, guess what? Essential oils could be that saving grace!

That’s right, essential oils! Many oils are, *cough cough*, essential to helping with some not so ideal times. So, the team at AROOMATHERAPY, a wellness brand for college students, put together a whole list of scenarios you might encounter, and some essential oils that could help you get through your freshman year of college.


Okay, let’s be real, sleeping can be hard! When there’s so much going on, your schedule might get out of whack, and you might be laying in bed, dreaming of the days when you once could snooze like a baby. Or maybe you’re nervous about giving your first big college presentation in the morning. Either way, not ideal. You might want to push that off button and recharge, or you maybe just need to turn the volume down and calm your nerves.

Whether it’s trouble sleeping or stress and anxiety due to this new young adult life, essential oils can be just what you need. Oils such as lavender and chamomile are great for helping you hit the figurative snooze button or simmer down. They are known to have relaxing properties that can be great in your time of need. When you need to shut off or just turn the volume of life down a bit, reach for this Lavender Essential Oil. It’s a game-changer!


There will probably be lots of times in your college-freshman life where you would rather be doing anything but schoolwork. And, let’s face it, movies and TV shows are what we all usually turn to when we’re stressed, tired, feeling normal, whatever!

Occasionally, you need a little something to help push you back onto the homework and study track. Some essential oils that are fantastic for focus are citrus oils. Not only can they help with focus, but they’re also known to boost your energy and get you into that motivated mood! Peppermint is also a great one for focus and can help you CON-CEN-TRATE!

AROOMATHERAPY’S FRESHMAN oil is a great blend essential oil blend for focus as it includes both lemon and tangerine! Perfect!


Have you ever walked to class and eventually started to smell something funny? Have you ever done this, and then realized that funky smell was you!

Trust me, freshman year will be sweaty! Whether it’s a trek to class, a workout at a gym, or a night at a frat party, you will have to find a way to smell good and smell good QUICK!

There’s no specific essential oil for this one, because they all smell good! Just choose a scent you like! There are five main categories of essential oils: citrus, herbal, floral, woody and spicy.  On AROOMATHERAPY’s site, you can ‘Shop By Scent’ to get a feel for what you like. 

However, pure essential oils must be diluted before applying to skin! Or maybe go with a rollerball or intention spray instead, as they are pre-made to be safe for use on your body. The minty, herbal GYM SPRAY in the FRESHMAN ESSENTIALS Kit is an awesome blend to carry with you to help blast away the bad vibes and bad smells.


When you start living on your own, you quickly begin to realize just how much cleaning Mom and Dad actually did.

Now you have to worry about the laundry, cleaning out the fridge, taking out the trash, etc.

It’s HARD! and sometimes you just forget about all the chores. And sometimes, that leads to a really, really bad, bad smell.

There are many ways you can fix this problem, and essential oils are an easy and effective way to go! They are not only natural, but not overpowering like other scent solutions (read: that Glade Air Freshener).

Check out this article for tips on making a dorm room smell good!


College can cause lots of aches and pains (yeah, let’s blame college). And particularly on Sundays when the effects of the weekend take over. From headaches due to constant thinking and queasy stomachs from late night drinking, the freshman lifestyle can really take a toll on your body.

Peppermint is a great oil for both headaches and nausea. Also, rosemary, lavender, chamomile, to name a few.

AROOMATHERAPY’S SUNDAY SCARIES blend is also included in the Freshman Essentials Kit and is formulated with both chamomile and lavender; an all-natural potion that just may ease some of those foggy minds and aches and pains.

Freshman year can be truly awesome, and it can also be kinda tough. Just remember, you’ll get through it and always put self-care as your focus to each and every day along the way.





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