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Back to It & Better Than Ever! Easing Back Into In-Person Classes

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Back to It & Better Than Ever! Easing Back Into In-Person Classes

by Hayes Driscoll

In-person classes are back people! Not necessarily back and better than ever, but still, back. The truth of the matter is that returning to campus this fall looks a lot different than it used to. Our college school supplies not only include pens and pencils but also masks, and hand sanitizer now. Truth be told, it used to be that we would fake being sick to get out of classes but now everyone is trying everything in their power to attend class in person. For many of us, zoom university exemplified the idea that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. (Yes, I did just infuse a little Janet Jackson there-:). We took going to school in person for granted, and when we had that taken away from us, we realized how vital person-to-person classes really are in education.

It really is an amazing thing we are all in person again! However, it is almost like we need to relearn how to act in classes, what are old habits that die hard, and what are the new rules set in place to keep everyone safe? We went from seeing no one, doing nothing, and keeping to ourselves to seeing everyone, doing so much, and interacting on a level we haven’t in two years. Let’s be honest, we are all a little anxious about what to expect. Questions like: Who will I sit next to? What will I do on campus between classes? And, what if I get sick? All rushing through our minds constantly. Although we have been here before, we have never been here during covid, and that is a big change. Something that was once so familiar and constant now seems so foreign and far away. Almost like we are all imposters walking through the campus not knowing what the heck we are doing here anymore.

Yes, it is scary, but it’s also what we have been waiting for as college students. Some people have never been on campus, and some have, but were all in this together because no one has been on campus like this! And yes, we do have to get tested once a week, we do have to add PPE to our school supply list and be extra conscious if our sniffles are covid or just allergies. But it’s all worth it, because nothing beats in-person classes. So, since we are all in this together, here are some helpful tips for going back to in-person classes in college.

Get the right supplies.

I have been back in person for about a month now and I have learned a couple of tricks of the trade. First of all, “maskne” is real. So, either wash your reusable masks after every use or buy disposable masks and change them throughout the day! This really does help when you are spending the entire day in your mask. And, if you want a fun trick you can even put a little tiny bit of LAVENDER Essential Oil from AROOMATHERAPY on your mask to make it smell incredible all day. Secondly, get yourself some Vitamin C, D, and Zinc because back to school in the fall always means people are getting sick with normal colds and flu’s and you do not want to miss a sec of in-person classes if possible! Lastly, get all of your fav old school supplies from Target and bask in the excitement of getting new binders, and fun pens and pencils because guess what?! You are not going to be on your computer 24/7 in class anymore!

Create balance.

This is a big one. We are all used to being home all of the time that we have grown accustomed to not having a routine, sitting, and laying all day watching tv. So, going from doing nothing to doing everything is a big adjustment. This is why it is so important to schedule some time for relaxing and chilling. Whether this is in between classes, after a long day, or on the weekend take some time to yourself and remember your quarantine chill. This looks different for everyone but for me, it looks like laying in my bed diffusing some PINE PORN and watching tv. Whatever it is for you, do it, it will make you feel so much better!

Be grateful.

While being back in person is a great thing, school is school. And this means that we can get sick of it sometimes. And that’s okay.  But I will say when you start to think about possibly skipping class or procrastinating remember how you felt when classes were online. I don’t know about you, but all I wanted was to go to class physically. I would have done anything to be back on campus with my fellow classmates and my professors. It is easy to get in the mindset of disliking school, but I urge you to remember your appreciation for it during covid and carry that with you throughout the school year. It will make you feel so much happier and more positive if you do.

Be patient.

Even though we have been doing this whole school thing for most of our lives, it is different now. With these changes come adjustments in how we need to act and how we need to be. I know at points you may feel frustrated with yourself or your professors because you feel like we should all know how to handle this new situation.  But be patient. Be patient with yourself, with your classmates, and with your teachers. No one actually knows what they are doing. We are all just figuring it out as we go. So, we may as well figure it out together!

Sometimes it feels almost surreal that things are slowly returning back to normal. Some things seem easy to get back to and others are harder. Now, I of course, don’t know when the world will fully be back to how it was pre covid, or if it ever will be that way again, but what I do know is that my friends and I have all learned so much from each new step the past two years. The truth is that going back to in-person classes is a massive step forward toward normalcy, and that feels great. It may not be exactly how we wanted it to be, but it’s pretty close. And, this is what companies like AROOMATHERAPY are here for, to get us college students through the good the bad the ugly, and even the ‘getting back to’ normal.


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