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Curating the Perfect Care Package for a College Student

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Curating the Perfect Care Package for a College Student

by Hayes Driscoll 

This one’s for you, parents!

To this day the only person that really ever sends me packages is my mom. When I was a freshman living in the dorms getting my first care package was one of my favorite days. It came at the perfect time when it had been long enough, so I missed my mom but early enough into my first semester that everything was still so new. Unpacking the box from my mom immediately gave me peace and comfort. It felt like a little sliver of my home was being delivered to me. My mom would always go for the basics, fun little knick knacks, makeup, junk food, and essentials I had been telling her I needed to replenish. Honestly, anything she sent was perfect simply because it was coming from her.

I remember calling her to tell her to thank you and she said it took her the longest time to figure out what to get for me. Being a personal organizer, my mother never wanted to give me something that would just clutter my room, so it took her a while to come up with what she put together.

The reality of the situation is most parents do not have time to put together these carefully crafted gift bags with specialized gifts and ship them off (I know my mom did not). It is hard to know exactly what your kid needs at that moment because this is the first time you are not spending every day with them; I mean how are you supposed to know???

Well, I am here to help! As a college student myself I can give you a little insight into what we all love to receive in our care packages. While it is totally different for everyone, I feel like there are staples that we all love and need.

Gift Cards

First of all, gift cards are always amazing! We are all a little broke in college and it is nice to get a little surprise gift card to either our fav grocery store, clothing store, or just any online store. A MISS YOU gift card is always the way to go. Gift cards are just a more festive and thoughtful way of throwing your kid some money.

A Little Piece of Home

We all get a little homesick at times, so it is always nice to get a little something in the mail that reminds us of home. This will be different for everyone. For me, it is an old photograph or some bread from my favorite bakery. Even try finding a scent from home that you know your kid will love. For example, the scent of lavender always reminds me of home, so getting either some dried lavender or a Lavender Essential Oil Rollerball would always make me feel a little closer to home. In whatever form it may be, this always made me feel a little more at home and at ease in my new surroundings. 


To be honest our dorms are a little challenging to trick out to make our own. However, some good, personalized decor can really change our little section of the room around. Something that I always wished I could have in my dorm was candles because it makes the space smell sooo homey and fresh. But it turns out candles are not allowed in dorm rooms. Instead, sending your kid an electric diffuser and some essential oils is honestly one of the best things you could gift them. Diffusers make the dorm room smell amazing while the essential oils simultaneously relax and destress us crazy college students.

For your freshman, I highly recommend gifting them the Freshman Essentials Kit from AROOMATHERAPY,.a wellness brand geared toward college students. The kit comes with an awesome-smelling FRESHMEN essential oil blend, SUNDAY SCARIES essential oil blend, and GYM SPRAY. You can really hit the care package jackpot with this trifecta. The FRESHMAN essential oil blend encourages your college student to settle in and enjoy their newfound freedom. The SUNDAY SCARIES oil blend is perfect for those days they are not feeling kind of lethargic and need to motivate. The GYM SPRAY is just a reminder to your kid to stay clean, fresh, and active. These are the perfect special gifts to package up and send out to your college student who needs as much help as they can get!

In all honesty, essential oils are a fantastic care package idea because they are something special, they are a cute aesthetic, they make any space smell amazing. Not to mention, the benefits of using essential oil for wellness and healthy living. So, next time you are wondering what to get your homesick child think back to these original yet practical options!



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