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Essential Oil Blends for College: Each & Every Day of the Week!

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Essential Oil Blends for College: Each & Every Day of the Week!

by Hayes Driscoll

Somehow the days in college seem like they will never end but the weeks seem to go by like the speed of light. One second, we’re cramming for an exam we have in an hour and the next it’s Saturday night and we’re acting like that test never even happened. Each day is completely new with different worries, thoughts, and concerns. This is the beauty of college because no matter how hard your day is, or how much you embarrassed yourself the night before, the next day is a brand-new day and your problems seem to dissipate along with all of yesterday's woes. 

With each new day carrying its own mood and agenda how do we keep up, stay focused, and balance all of the change? Well, a little help never hurt anybody! Below is a weekly AROOMATHERAPY guide to help you get through. Each day has its own essential oil blend from the WHOLE SHEBANG kit tied to it concentrating on different purposes for every new one. 

SUNDAY: Bye-Bye Sunday Scaries

We all know the horror that Sundays can bring. Not only are you reliving the events of the night before in your head, you are also thinking of all of the work you have to do for the school week ahead. It is so overwhelming sometimes you feel like you are just going to fall into a hole of procrastination and never get out. The SUNDAY SCARIES essential oil blend turns Sundays on their head, reframes the once dreadful day into a more positive one. This blend reminds us to stay present, to let go of the past and not think too far ahead into the future. This is what we all need when the past and future are completely and utterly affecting our entire mindset. One of the best ways to relieve anxiety is to stay present and think about what you know right then and there. Don’t overwhelm yourself thinking about a future you can’t control and a past you can’t change. Everything happens for a reason and this centering blend helps us remember that simple yet challenging mantra. So, this Sunday remember to live day by day and maybe try to add a couple of drops of the SUNDAY SCARIES blend into a diffuser and feel your anxiety fade away.

MONDAY: Make ‘em Suck a Little Less

Monday’s honestly just suck. They are arguably the worst day of the week. You are still feeling the effects on your body from a weekend of forgetting you have responsibilities, but you have to get back to the real world of classes and homework. It’s okay to admit that they suck but while we do this, we can also actively make them a little better. Start by changing your mindset from a negative one to a positive one. THIS SUCKS essential oil blend is a good start. This godsend of a blend is the perfect thing to get us through the first day of the school week. It simultaneously relieves our disheveled mind and bodies while also preventing stress for the week ahead which is what we all need if we’re being honest. Try diffusing this essential oil blend in the morning when you are getting ready to help change your mindset of the day ahead. It’ll be a good one if you're going to it with a positive outlook, trust me! 

TUESDAY: It’s 2 AM…Go to Sleep! 

Okay, we got through Monday, thank goodness. We made it to Tuesday which is no doubt better than Monday. This is the day we really get back into the groove of school and work. Tuesday is the day of having your shit together and it feels great. What comes with getting your shit together is also thinking of all of the stuff you need to do. This can be overwhelming at times and can distract us from what we need to do at the moment. Tuesdays are still at the beginning of the week and thinking ahead to the next three days of school is inevitable. So, on those Tuesday nights when your mind is keeping you up with everything you need to do try using a couple of drops of the 2 AM essential oil blend to calm your over-excited thoughts and lull you to sleep. Getting good sleep is the number one thing you need in college. You won’t be able to have another successful day like Tuesday without resting up! 

WEDNESDAY: Study Up! You’re Halfway There 

It’s the middle of the week! Woohoo!! You have two days behind you and only two to go! And don’t forget you have wine Wednesday as a nice break from doing work that night. Things are looking up. Congratulate yourself on making it to the midpoint and take a moment to yourself. Then, get back to work because you have two more days of this! When you need a little mid-week boost try the STUDY BREAK essential oil blend to keep you on track with work and school and help limit the distractions creeping up on you from the anticipated end of the week. Diffuse it in your room when studying, reading, or writing, and let the aromatic encouragement inspire you to keep going!

THURSDAY: Spend Some Low-Key time to Yourself

Things are winding down a little bit and you can feel it, it feels great! Thursdays are actually one of my favorite days because I am still in the “grind-set” of school while the excitement of the weekend keeps me going through the day. Thursdays are chill yet productive and that is honestly the best combo a college student could ask for. You have a little more free time than the last three days but less than the weekend days. With the moments of free time we get on Thursdays I highly recommend diffusing some LOW-KEY essential oil blend to decompress and enjoy a moment to yourself. When there is nothing to think about and nowhere to be it is important to be with yourself, by yourself, and in your good thoughts. This blend encourages just that! LOW-KEY blend + lowkey Thursday = pure blisssssss.

FRIDAY: On the Way Up!

Congratulations you’ve made it to the end of the school week. Give yourself a pat on the freaking back! You deserve to relax and have fun. Reflect on the week and how badass you are and bask in the joy of having two whole days off to yourself (and your busy social calendar of course). While getting ready for the weekend ahead of you try diffusing some of the ‘UP’ BEATS essential oil blend to let go of the stressors of the past week and grasp onto the positive vibes that are waiting for you in the weekend. This blend inspires us to think of the blessings in our lives and appreciate what we have instead of holding on to what we don’t. So, change your mindset just in time for the weekend and have a blast!

SATURDAY: Where’s the Pregame Tonight?

It is finally here, the best day of the week, Saturday!!! It is time to celebrate the freakin’ weekend with your friends. Go out, get wild, and have a good time! Bask in the freedom of a day with zero responsibility and rules. So, throw on a good playlist, get into your going-out outfit, grab your friends, diffuse some PRE-GAME essential oil blend and get to it. This blend is all about having a good time with your friends and getting ready for the night ahead. If you want to have a good night this is the perfect aroma. Forget about the week and only think about tonight, where you are, who you're with, and how you feel. Let all of the happiness carry you into an exceptionally good night that will soon turn into a night of positive college memories! And it all starts with a really good pregame. 

Yes, every day is completely different in college, and that is beautiful. And now you have an essential oil blend for each of those days, fostering a perspective we can bring with us both through and beyond the confines of our college days. It is good to learn how natural oils and aromas like the ingredients in these blends can help us out. These are lessons we will bring with us into our adulthood and on, so study up on this aromatic self-care!





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