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Get Up and Get Going with the Help of Essential Oils

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Get Up and Get Going with the Help of Essential Oils

by Anna Valaik

There are so, so many perks of college. Living alone, meeting new and exciting people, studying subjects you find interesting, and finally escaping those lovely, yet occasionally irritating people you call “family.” However, what comes with freedom is responsibility, and trust me, it’s sometimes not all that it’s worked up to be! Freedom means a lot of great things, but it also means taking care of yourself day in and day out, which is no easy task. Let’s rewind a bit, take it back to when we were young (we still are young, I know but stay with me). 

For many, life as a child meant many tasks and responsibilities were already taken care of, either by parents or loved ones. Meals were prepared for you, you had rides to-and-from sports practices, and someone was always there for the occasional help on that one tricky math assignment. Much of childhood, normally, is defined by our dependence on others. However, young adulthood soon becomes defined by our independence. All of a sudden, you are shipped off from your home, oftentimes happily, and placed in an entirely new environment where you have to start doing everything for yourself, and I mean everything. This can be scary for anyone, especially for those of us who sometimes depend on others for motivation and encouragement.

Don’t you fret, though! The days spent lying around in bed, questioning why you have to go do laundry, clean your entire room, AND do hours of homework, are far behind you when you implement essential oils into your routine. Yes, all those tasks will still exist, but they will feel a tad bit less difficult and cumbersome. They may even sound fun, for once…. (Shocking, I know!). Here are some of our favorite essential oils and oil blends we have curated especially for those looking to put a little pep in their step!


Next time you're in need of a nice wake-up call, set up your diffuser in your bedroom or living space. Next, choose specific essential oils depending on your needs. For example, for those who can’t seem to get out of bed until an hour after they wake up, diffuse  lemon then thank us later. It’s the next best thing to an annoying buzzing phone or what was once your own personal alarm clock (Mom, I’m talking about you). Lemon is extremely invigorating, meaning it will ignite your senses and motivate to get stuff done! It’s clean, fresh, and energizing, which is the perfect mixture for a morning-time blend. Better yet, it’s perfect for whenever you need a boost of adrenaline. Also, diffusing essential oils will help fill your entire space with a scent. This lasting aroma will keep you going for what feels like eternity some days.

Sunday Scaries

Sunday’s can be the worst! The weekend seems to be going and going, full of so much fun and excitement, until you hit Sunday and reality starts to kick in once again. Although some Sunday’s can be restful, others can be full of dread and general laziness. This is so normal, so don’t get upset if you find yourself in this situation. What you can do, however, is take the necessary steps to prepare yourself to have another amazing week. Thankfully, AROOMATHERAPY'S Sunday Scaries oil blend will help you stay present and grounded throughout the chaos. The Frankincense, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile will bring those positive vibrations directly into your space and your mind. They have incredibly calming properties, which is why they can be of use on the scariest of Sunday’s. Drop some into a diffuser and let your mind rest—all will get done that needs to be done.

‘Up’ Beats

Do you have that one person in your life that is always smiling? They seem to be constantly happy-go-lucky, as if nothing bad can ever touch them? Well, if you do, you know how frustrating this can be sometimes! It’s almost like every time you're frustrated and annoyed with life, they are sitting there absolutely unbothered by anything; then, you just get more annoyed because you wish so badly you could just somehow transfer their entire outlook on life to your brain immediately. You also find yourself constantly spending time with them JUST so some of their positivity can rub off on you, especially in the moments you need it the most. Well, whether you have this person or not, try diffusing ‘Up’ Beats in those difficult moments. It’s essentially a bottled form of positivity! The mixture of Lavender and Ylang Ylang have a refreshing, energizing tone to them. So, the next time your to-do list seems to keep multiplying, don’t crawl into a ball and hide away in your room, away from all your responsibilities. Put your big girl or boy pants on, drink some water, diffuse your favorite essential oils, and get it done! 

College and post-grad life is truly awesome. There’s no denying it. You begin feeling like an adult, free to do whatever you please. You choose your priorities, opinions, friends, lifestyle, major, and so much more. Nevertheless, this entrance into the real world can be equally shocking and challenging. The rose-colored glasses you may have worn as a child are quickly stripped off of you when you begin this life on your own. This is all to say that it’s entirely normal to go through sluggish, stressful periods of time in this new chapter of your life. Thankfully, though, there are countless tools you have at your disposal to help relieve some of that tension and focus on taking care of your responsibilities. Essential oils aren’t going to solve all your problems; they can’t do your History reading or clean your entire apartment, but they can make these tasks a little bit better and brighter.



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