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Is Lavender the New CBD?

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Is Lavender the New CBD?

by Anna Valaik

You’re running through the lush, gorgeous lavender fields deep in the region of Provence, France. Rich shades of purple are everywhere you look, and you cannot help but think this is the most beautiful natural scenery you have experienced. You take in the wondrous scent of lavender. All worries wash away, and you can only feel pure bliss in every crevice of your being. This is so nice until….

Ding! Alarm is ringing for your 8 a.m. Marketing class! Time to get up!

Does this ever happen to you? You are quite literally sinking into the loveliest dream ever until, BOOM!, you wake up and the peacefulness you were once feeling subsides almost immediately. It’s the worst! All you want in those times is to bury yourself under the covers, go back to sleep, and back to that place where you felt serene and untouched by consistent stream of stresses. 

Lavender, for centuries, has been recognized for its calming and relaxing properties, which makes it an ideal essential oil for college students. Its sophisticated, floral scent is said to promote rest and relaxation. Lavender, as an essential oil, can be used for countless reasons. Not only is it just a super pleasing scent to diffuse throughout a room, but aromatherapists claim that it has healing properties. Lavender, when used topically, may gently aid menstrual cramps, sleep issues, and other health conditions. All in all, lavender is quite the multi purposeful essential oil and pretty much should be your first purchase if just getting started with your essential oils collection. It’s one of the most versatile oils out there, which is why AROOMATHERAPY, an essential oil company for college students uses it in so many of their curated blends.

But you may ask, what’s the science behind this all? What makes lavender really all that special? Well, we’re about to give you a little lesson! (And, no, it won’t be like those boring lectures you hear every day!)

First of all, Lavender is made up of various chemical components, one of them being linalool. Linalool is what gives Lavender its floral scent and what gives this essential oil its calming effects. While you can find linalool in a few other essential oils, such as Basil and Coriander, Lavender contains one of the highest amounts of it. Through research, it has been discovered that linalool can provide amazing benefits for those using It topically and aromatically. It’s promotes feelings of relaxation and calmness and, linalool is also found within cannabis. It gives off the same benefits as it does in Lavender; it’s stress-relieving and mood-boosting. 

Recently, CBD has been quite the craze. Everything, from topical creams to chewy vitamins, now contain some form of CBD. Many times, these products are expensive, difficult to find, or have not been tested by many consumers. As the market becomes more and more saturated with these CBD products, it becomes increasingly hard to decipher what to buy when looking for “calming” products. However, we wanted to let you in a little secret…. We like to think lavender is the new CBD. Because it contains equally relaxing chemical components and is much more affordable, we actually prefer using our tried-and-true essential oil. 

Not only did we search out the strains of lavender with the greatest amounts of linalool, but we also wanted to ensure it was treated with care. Our Lavender Single Essential Oil is the highest quality that we've found on the market. It’s sourced from France. Surprisingly, just like wine, there are certain regions that cultivate lavender exceptionally well and where the geographic and weather conditions are optimal. Sourcing Lavender from France is like buying oranges from Florida; it’s the smartest decision because you know you are getting the best, freshest product out there. Secondly, different regions produce different varieties of Lavender. Each one has different chemical properties. Spike lavender, for example, is typically not as calming as French Lavender but has useful properties of its own. With this knowledge, AROOMATHERAPY sought out the lavender variety that would most benefit the college crowd: French Lavender.

Speaking of quality, you must be careful of synthetic imitations! There are literally thousands of lavender products out there (we’re talking about you, Amazon), but many are not been harvested and sourced with care. This results in a cheap, manufactured product that’s not necessarily safe to use. Considering AROOMATHERAPY’s Lavender Essential Oil is sourced from the high altitudes in France, it has just the right balance of a fresh lavender without the perfumey, super girly vibes.

Phew, history lesson over! With these facts in mind, here are some recommendations worth checking out for ethically sourced lavender products. 

Lavender Rollerball

Need some on-the-go stress relief? Haven’t had a second to take a moment and just breathe? Try this best-selling Lavender rollerball, fit for any purse, backpack, car holder, or pocket! For newbies to the essential oils game, aromatherapy is the science of using essential oils for health and wellness benefits.  It’s been around forever and ever and there’s definitely something to it!

Rollerballs are for those on the run who need something portable and since they’re pre-diluted, they’re ready to go to be used topically on your pulse points like our temples, nape of the neck and surprisingly, our feet. FYI…100% pure essential oils are pretty potent and should not be applied directly onto the skin. They’re more for inhaling, diffusing or mixing with carrier oils.  That’s’ why rollerballs are a great alternative to practice aromatherapy all day every day while going from place to place.

Lavender rollerballs specifically, are helpful for those looking to use as an instant stress-reliever. Aren’t we all! Because this oil promotes relaxation, it’s perfect for those looking to feel a sense of zen and chill in even the most chaotic moments. Although lavender is considered a floral scent (obviously), it’s got a unisex vibe to it different than let’s say the feminine aromas of rose. It’s a gorgeous scent, and perfect to use as a personal fragrance. So, whenever you want a little refresher, are meeting a cute date after work, or simply just want to radiate a chill, happy vibe, roll this onto your wrists and neck. It will have the peeps around you swooning.

Lavender Essential Oil

Oftentimes, when most people think of essential oils, they think of them in their purest form, which as mentioned earlier, is great for use in diffusers. In this case, lavender essential oil makes for the perfect introductory oil to start off your aromatherapy journey. It’s an incredibly popular and versatile oil because it really does it all. Known as a calming oil, Lavender is believed to help reduce anxiety and stress, which makes it a great oil to diffuse in a bedroom or workspace. This can be especially helpful for those living under high-stress circumstances, that’s you, college students! Depression and anxiety are real-life issues students deal with, so finding anything and everything to help keep those feelings in check is important. This is why lavender can be diffused daily; it’s truly helpful. 

Lavender is also known to help with sleep. For those with insomnia or just people who generally struggle to get a full night’s rest, try diffusing lavender throughout your bedroom. It will create this calming effect that you won’t be able to get enough of and an imaginary trip to Provence is always a game changer!

Lavender Spray

AROOMATHERAPY just launched a new lavender spray that is EVERYTHING! While rollerballs and pure essential oils are all the rage, sometimes you just need a spray.  Essential oil sprays are incredible because they feel awesome and are super versatile. For example, essential oil sprays are great when your car starts smelling a bit funky or you need to revive an old pair of gym shoes in the back of your closet. This lavender spray is especially useful as a personal fragrance, just without all the synthetic stuff in regular perfumes. It quite literally is pure and comes pre-diluted, which means it’s perfectly safe to apply to your body. Also, the distinct and some would say, addictive scent is just what you need to compliment a cute outfit or that new hairstyle you’re rocking around campus. 

Lavender’s gorgeous scent and reported healing properties are truly what make it a useful essential oil to have around the dorm, house or in your bag. Because lavender contains various important chemical components, like linalool, it’s known to produce calming, stress-relieving effect. Even though linalool can be found in other forms, such as CBD products, lavender is not nearly as expensive or hard to come by as those. 

Lavender really is hiding in plain sight. Although many people know lavender is one of the most popular essential oils, very few know the reason as to what makes lavender so special.

So, now that you know the science behind it all, you’ll have outsmarted everyone else. You know to seek out the highest quality, most potent Lavender essential oil you can find. With this knowledge, you’ll soon be basking in all this chill, relaxing goodness!



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