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Let's Talk About Financial Aid!

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Let's Talk About Financial Aid!

by Hayes Driscoll

We all know college is expensive. The tuition alone costs an arm and a leg, not to mention that the books, extracurricular activities, and the social life adds up as well. Take me for example, I have gone to private school my entire life however, my mother has never paid full tuition. I, like many other college students am on financial aid. I am so thankful for having financial aid because without it I would not be able to attend the school I do and have the experiences I have had.

While financial aid is an amazing resource it is also a really challenging resource to have and even just find. Over my four years of college, I have filled out the FAFSA every single year without fail. Every year I put in my income, and my mother’s income in hopes that I will be able to attend my school again the following year. It is a process that requires patience, a lot of knowledge, and honestly some finesse at times.

Someone like me who has been filling out financial aid forms since I was a freshman understands the process, but it is not an easy thing to learn. I personally think there should be more resources to help people understand the process of applying for financial aid. While I am not a professional I, along with the AROOMATHERAPY team wanted to write this blog in hopes to help anyone that needs it. This post offers a couple of tricks of the trade when it comes to understanding financial aid.

So what is financial aid? It is basically a mix of federal, and private loans and grants that are given to you in order for you to more easily attend a school! It is broken down in a way where you are automatically given the grants, but you and your parents must choose to either accept or decline the loans. If you choose to accept the loans, then those will not need to be paid until six months after you graduate and then you start paying them off with monthly payments. You get a new financial aid package for each new school year based on your or your parent’s taxes and income from the prior year. This is why grants and loans can fluctuate from year to year, but don’t worry they usually stay pretty steady if there is no severe decline or increase in income! I know this may seem a little boring to talk about, but I feel like the harsh reality of college should be discussed just as much as the fun stuff.

Honestly, whether you are on financial aid or not, college is the first time many of us learn about budgeting. It’s the first time we learn how to make, save… and spend money. While you may still get your monthly allowance from your parents that does not cover all of the fun experiences that are offered every day that require money. There is always somewhere to be and something to do in college and it is hard to say no to all of the fun. We have to learn that there will be events we cannot go to and that is okay. It may be a hard lesson to learn but it is an important one, both for you and your bank account!

There are ways to make a little extra spending money so you can have an eventful college experience. Getting a part-time job at school is an amazing option! The hours are good, the breaks align with school breaks, and you get to be surrounded by all of your friends and peers. If you are not into seeing all of your friends when you are working (i totally get that) then getting a part-time job or even a paid internship off-campus is great too! Work at your local coffee shop or boutique, or find an internship revolving around something you are really passionate about and get paid for learning stuff you are actually interested in. With this extra cash flow, you can go on those spring break trips, eat out, and enjoy fun shopping days with your friends! 

So, on those stressful days of applying for financial aid, or waiting for your aid package, or even those moments leading up to a job interview you really want maybe try the Financial Aid Intention Spray from AROOMATHERAPY. Scents like cinnamon are actually associated with money, making it the perfect keynote in this encouraging spray! This intention spray offers a calming and lucky mindset that focuses on an abundance of money. Hey! Honestly, I’ll take anything I can get when it comes to making more money.

But in all seriousness money can be a very taboo and tricky topic to discuss and this spray makes it a little bit easier. It is all about creating a positive mindset around something that is probably one of the most stressful things not only in college but just in life in general. Yes, money can be scary at times, but this does not mean we need to be afraid. We are young and now is the time to start understanding how to make, save, and spend money responsibly. And a little spray to make the beginning of our financial journey a little luckier never hurt anyone!


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