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Practicing Self-Love During Sorority Recruitment Week

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Practicing Self-Love During Sorority Recruitment Week

by Hayes Driscoll

One of the most overwhelming, exciting, fast paced, and emotionally driven weeks of my college career was the week I went through sorority recruitment. It is like nothing I have ever or will ever experience again in my life. It is an entire week of dressing as cute as possible having what feels like 100 five-minute conversations with a million and one girl your own age. Some conversations feel fake AF, and some feel really meaningful.

Recruitment was a hard thing for me to wrap my head around at times because it felt like I was being judged and judging other people and groups based on a short conversation and that was it. It basically went against everything I have learned not to do when meeting new people. I felt like I was doing the opposite of “not judging a book by its cover.” While I did end up finding the right sorority for me it was genuinely a super hard week, too.

But hey! That’s why I am here! To help my fellow college girls get through both good and not-so-good times. While I had a challenging week of recruitment there were definitely some tools I used to make it less stressful and anxiety-provoking. Something that really helped me was taking time for myself during the spaces of time that I was not running from one house to the next. I would sit outside on my campus and just take a moment. I would sometimes call my mom and check in to distract and destress. At night when I couldn’t sleep, I put my Air Pods in and listened to some music that got me out of my head. Remembering to take some re-centering time during an extremely social week is necessary to make sure you are the best version of yourself.

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of girl flirting sometimes forgetting yourself and where you came from. We are only human and all we want to do is be liked and fit in with the most amount of people. I know I felt that at times. But with this comes the loss of your true self and that takes a real toll on your being. I know this sounds cheesy but the most important thing to remember during recruitment is to stay true to yourself and everything will fall into place… I promise.

I honestly wish I had some essential oils to calm my mind and body during this week. If there is any week, I needed it during college it would have been recruitment. I could have really used the INTENTION SPRAY TRIO from AROOMATHERAPY!

I would have really loved to know that the universe was on my side that week, I honestly could have used some PRONOIA intention spray luck. This intention spray is all about attracting abundance and reaching your goals. In this case, this combination of different essential oils comes together to make us trust the process and trust that everything will work out.

The LOVE YA SELF spray which is also included in this trio could not have been more needed during my time in recruitment. It can be discouraging not being asked back to a house that you thought you had an amazing connection with. To be quite frank it can be a pretty big blow to the ego. It would have been nice to have a couple of sprays of the LOVE YA SELF intention pray to wipe away my insecure thoughts and encourage self-confidence and self-love. The only way you will have a positive experience is if you are loving yourself and proud of who you are as a young woman. People, especially other young women, notice and feed off of energy like that.

And finally, (maybe the most important) intention spray in this trio is the FINANCIAL AID intention spray. Trust me you are going to need this throughout your entire four years of people in whatever sorority you pick because those dues are large and in charge! The FINANCIAL AID spray is all about attracting wealth and abundance and this would be perfect for when you need to pay up.

This trio works together to make our days a little easier in college. Whether it is just a normal week or a week like recruitment it never hurts to spray a couple of spirits of these essential oil blends and let their aromatic bliss carry you into a world of confidence, happiness, and abundance.

The thing about this trio is that it does not completely replace other self-care actions that need to be taken on a daily basis to take care of ourselves. What this trio does is enhance those actions. I still need to make sure I am taking time to myself or working in order to pay my dues or even just remembering to drink water throughout the day and that will never change. What will change is the way I am feeling doing those intentional actions throughout the day. I feel more rewarded, centered, and at peace with myself and my surroundings when I combine my own self-care with a little help from my fav trio! And that is honestly the best part, why you may ask? Because it means we will never lose ourselves with this new addition to our self-care routine. Essential oils act as an addition, not something to subtract another element of our lives.


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