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The Masculine Side of Essential Oils

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The Masculine Side of Essential Oils

by Hayes Driscoll

Guys! As a woman myself, I am going to let you in on a little secret: ladies love a man who takes care of himself. I know you rarely get a sneak peek inside of a girl your age’s mind so this blog is for you, all the guys that want to know what we’re reeeally thinking ;) I am honestly partly joking but you should still read this blog because the information may change your mind about self-care, aaand essential oils all together!

There is such a stigma around self-care and different scents, portraying them as feminine. This stigma leads men away from things labeled as such. Either out of fear of being perceived as “girly” or out of a lack of confidence a lot of young and even grown men deal with this internal struggle. But you know what? Who said things like essential oil blends are just for women, I think that is BS! So, why don’t we change the narrative?

Everyone wants to smell good, feel good, and be surrounded by positive energy, whether you are a girl, boy, or nonbinary. It does not make you any less of a man if you diffuse essential oils, or spray some scents on your body to make you smell good. Taking care of ourselves is human, not feminine, or masculine, it’s simply a necessity.

I feel like a lot of college guys are not familiar with essential oils and aromatherapy, so I’m here to help. First of all, there are so many different blends, and oils to choose from and they all depend on your personal wants and needs. This is honestly the best part about essential oils, you can choose your path and determine how you want to feel with the change of an aroma!

Let me lay out some scenarios to make it easier for you.

Scenario 1: It’s 2 AM and your booty call (for who you secretly have feelings) is coming over. Your room is a mess, so you throw everything in your closet and under your bed to “straighten it up.” You dim the lights and maybe light a candle or two, and you are all set. The only thing that would make this vibe more perfect would be diffusing some clove essential oil and letting the exotic scent fill up your room. Take it from a college girl, if you want to impress your girlfriend, or even just a casual hookup, diffuse some MF essential oils! Every woman loves a guy whose room smells good and clean (weather it’s a delusion or not).

Scenario 2: Let’s talk about body odor. No, it is not enough to rub some deodorant under your armpits and call it a day. One of the most attractive things on a guy is a great scent. Without even knowing a guy if I get one whiff of him and he smells amazing I am immediately intrigued. Picture this, you’re on a first date and you want to make a lasting impression, all you have to do (aside from being a gentleman) is put a couple mists of AROOMATHERAPY’S Pronoia Intention Spray and let the scent speak for its self. This intention spray represents trust, luck, and success. Name a better way to walk into a date? I dare you.

Scenario 3: You’re rushing from the gym to class, and you have a massive presentation, and you smell like you just took a dive into your dirty clothes bin. Oh no no no, that will just not do. Well, don’t worry you just spray some Gym Spray aaaallll on your body, and you are set. This essential oil intention spray makes you smell amazing and hides the nasty odor from your workout just in time for you to kill the presentation!

I know, I know, after reading this you are thinking “what have I been doing all my life without essential oils?” trust me it’s okay, it’s not too late to join the club and become a better smelling, and happy person with each spray, drop, or mist.

Essential oils and aromatherapy are things that can help you feel more centered, grounded, and most importantly, more yourself. The beauty about essential oils is that there are no “rules” or “boundaries” or set expectations, you do what makes YOU feel good. We need to get out of this mindset that men are not sensitive, that they don’t need help, and that they don’t rely on things other than themselves to feel better. This is honestly a very unhealthy trajectory and I have seen the effects it has on college guys firsthand.

Being sensitive is not weak. It is a strong a vulnerable thing to be sensitive enough to know what you need to feel your best. This may be things you need from loved ones or something you need from yourself but either way empathy both outwardly and inwardly is important no matter what gender you are. Finding those tools to help you grow and become the best version of yourself goes hand in hand with empathy. For example, one of these tools could be a destressing 2 AMessential oil blend to help you on those sleepless nights. Or, it could even be a 'Up' Beats blend to help make you a brighter and more positive person the morning after a late-night out.

You know what is genuinely one of the most attractive things in a guy? Well, I’ll tell ya! When he is confident enough in himself to do things like go to the nail salon, get a massage, or diffuse some freaking essential oils. What this all comes down to is that it is so attractive and amazing when a man has the confidence to love himself consequently loving everyone else around him in the best way possible. So, next time you are stressed out and don’t want to talk about your feelings I urge you to try some of the stress-relieving methods I mentioned above. Trust me, you’ll love it!


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