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The Universe Can Smell You: Manifesting with Essential Oils

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The Universe Can Smell You: Manifesting with Essential Oils

by Jenna Winkelmann 

Have you ever asked the Universe for help? Maybe you had a test the next day, and you begged the world to help you ace it. Or maybe you really wanted the interview for your dream job to go well, so you asked the Universe to make it happen.

There’s a tool out there that may help your voice be heard. A tool so powerful that it can help you climb the tallest mountains.


The Universe may not have heard you, but it can definitely SMELL you!

Now you may be wondering how this could help you. I mean it’s an oil, what could it REALLY do? Well, guess what? Essential oils are great for helping you manifest your dreams!

There have been many claims that essential oil can help you achieve your tasks by attaching intentions to their scents. How do you do that, you ask?

Well, it’s a pretty simple and fast-acting process, and has been used around the world by many different healers and priestesses in various cultures.

So are you ready to experiment with manifesting your goals?

How to Use Essential Oils for Manifestation

Ready to let the Universe help you with your daily tasks? It’s simple! Pick your essential oil (or blend of essential oils) and follow these steps:

  • Inhale your chosen blend.
  • Think deeply about your intentions as you continue to inhale.
  • Repeat this as you begin to associate this scent with your specific intention.
  • Continue to use this specific scent on your journey of goal-reaching!

It sounds too good to be true, but it actually can help! Many claim that it is their most important part of manifesting their goals. The brain is pretty powerful, and so is that sniffer of yours!

Here is another routine you can use:

  • Close your eyes and reach to connect with your inner self.
  • Think about what you want to accomplish.
  • Put yourself in the situation of having completed your task, and bask in the joy of the feeling of completion.
  • Put some of your chosen oil on your wrists to carry your scent with you throughout the day (just make sure the oil is diluted if applied directly to the skin). Rollerballs are great for this!

Using this method can help keep you motivated and on the path to reach your goals. Remember, the Universe wants to help you, so let it!

Another method that could be helpful is using a journal. Here are the steps:

  • Connect with your inner self and begin thinking about what your next step could be in achieving your goals.
  • As they come to you, write down each step in a journal.
  • Choose an action that you have written down and write about doing that action. Write about how you will do it with so much confidence and with happiness.
  • Use your essential oil not only on yourself, but on your journal pages as well.
  • Take action!

This can be a great method for those who are stuck on what to do next. Journaling combined with essential oils can really help get your brain juices flowing.

Which oils should you choose?

There are a lot of different scents out there, and you can really choose any scent you’d like. However, it’s always helpful to choose oils that have the powers needed to push you in the right direction. Need some energy to achieve your goal of writing your ten-page paper? Need to relax to help you get those jitters out? There are oils for that!

Blends of oils are also great for combining scents needed to help you move in the right direction. Just remember, the most important part is to choose the oils that you really connect with. AROOMATHERAPY has a great kit that can provide you with multiple blends that can be used for helping you manifest your goals!

Help Keep Those Positive Vibes Going!

One of the most important things you can do to help achieve your goals is be in the right mood. Certain essential oils are known to help boost positive and optimistic feelings. Some of these include citrus oils and bergamot.

The PRONOIA INTENTION SPRAY in the AROOMATHERAPY INTENTION SPRAY TRIO includes wild orange within its blend, which is a great one for this!

These oils are also great for giving you a confidence boost, which can be great for reaching your goals! You can do it!

Relax, Man!

Everyone gets nervous. Maybe you have a presentation to give in a few hours. Or maybe a job interview. Hey, life is scary! If your goal is to get better at public speaking or calm down for concentration, think about choosing lavender or chamomile. Both of these oils are known to give off a calming effect.

The LOVE YA SELF INTENTION SPRAY in the INTENTION SPRAY TRIO kit includes both lavender and clary sage, two oils that are known to give a calming effect. It also includes tangerine, a plus if you’re looking for that confidence boost as well.


Concentration is KEY! It can play a BIG factor in getting off track. A lot of times it’s just hard to set your mind on the task at hand. Let’s be honest, that Netflix subscription can make it really hard to get going. Maybe try peppermint or lemon oil, as they are known to help increase concentration. So next time you are stuck debating between studying for that test and rewatching New Girl, remember the oils!\

Get Creative!

Feeling uninspired? Trying to write the next hit song, but can’t find the words to say? Some essential oils can help get the creative juices flowing, hopefully knocking out that block and opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Some of these include frankincense and lemon.

Certain oils are also known to help create an abundance of possibilities in your life. The FINANCIAL AID INTENTION SPRAY in the INTENTION SPRAY TRIO kit’s goal is to aid in the attraction of abundance and getting the Universe on your side.

Reaching goals can be an uphill battle. But if you’re going to ask the Universe for help, do it the right way. Use essential oils to help you manifest your goals and overall, your dreams!  





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