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Work Hard. Play Hard: Self-Care for College Students

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Work Hard. Play Hard: Self-Care for College Students

by Hayes Driscoll

No one in this world exemplifies the phrase “work hard, play hard” better than college students. Our life revolves around finessing a schedule that somehow fits everything in on our social calendar while still achieving our educational goals. It is almost like we have two different personalities. We can go from student to party girl with the change of an outfit. This is honestly a talent if you ask me. If I have class until 10:00 pm but everyone is going out to the bars you know I have my face beat, a cute outfit under my sweats, and some wine in my water bottle ready to go straight out after class.

While this lifestyle is new and exciting and really only exists in the four years we attend undergrad, it is not sustainable and can also get to us at some points in our college lives. If we are pulling all-nighters during the week for school and staying out until 3 am partying on the weekends when do we sleep?

I know what you’re thinking, “we don’t need sleep, we are young.” Trust me I had the exact same mindset as you until I actually felt the effects of being sleep deprived. It all started with a late-night and an early morning my junior year. I had been at a boy’s house the night before a big exam and I ended up rushing to school in the clothes I was in the night before to make it to class. I had probably gotten about 2 hours of sleep and had studied for this test for maybe 30 minutes the day before. Anyways, after the exam, I had class all day and then work at night, and then I was set to go out again. Well… flashforward the next day and I wake up with about ten to fifteen canker sores on the inside of my lips, I mean it literally looked like I had lip injections. It was so painful and I could barely eat! I ended up going to the doctor that day and you know what she told me??? She said word for word “canker sores are often from stress and sleep deprivation.” Whaaaaat? I had never heard that before. Here I am thinking I have a deathly illness and all I had to do was sleep more? This is when my all-nighters evaporated and I started actually prioritizing my sleep.

This is also when I found the 2 AM essential oil blend from AROOMATHERAPY extreeeeemly helpful! This lifesaver is the perfect thing for those times that we really need to get a good night’s sleep. Whether our sleep deprivation has been from anxiety or an overbooked social calendar let the lavender lull you to sleep, the calming chamomile center you, and the sweet orange bless you with sweet, sweet dreams. If there is one thing we are lacking in college it is sleep and we need everything we can get to help us be well-rested and ready to conquer the world.

You know what else our college mentality gets us? The dreaded Sunday… This is when the weekend meets the week in the worst way possible. Every college students’ Sunday morning goes a little bit like this:

We wake up around 11 or 12 to a regretful memory from the night before and a raging headache. We slowly drag ourselves out of bed and into the car to get some much-needed caffeine. The sunglasses are on, the hoods are up, and the “don’t talk to me” face is present. After surviving the Starbucks drive-through we make our way home to lay on the couch and discuss the night with our roommates. Around 2 we realize we have school tomorrow and have not done one homework assignment, studied for any of our tests, or even started one of our essays. This is when procrastination comes in. I don’t know what is worse, recalling the embarrassing acts of the night before or thinking of doing homework while still hungover? The anxiety of both situations seems like it is going to eat you alive!!! But as per usual we pull it together (with only slightly complaining) we shower, get dressed, and make our way to the library to bask in the misery of the Sunday scaries with our fellow procrastinating peers.

LOL good thing AROOMATHERAPY literally makes an essential oil blend called SUNDAY SCARIES. It is for exactly what you think. This blend is for those days that we are just too hungover and feel like we can’t even roll over in bed. It’s honestly my saving grace when I need to get my act together in a calming way. This blend both kicks my ass out of bed while also destressing my disheveled mind and body and encourages me to get productive. And for most college students our Sunday scaries are actually from Wednesday to Sunday… so basically all week. Well, get this thing in bulk then, because we will be using this everyyyy day it seems like.

For the reasons stated above, and so many more college can suck sometimes and that is okay to think. Thinking or saying this does not mean you are ungrateful, or bratty, it means you are human. My mom always tells me that there is a yin and yang in every situation. And even college has its good and bad sides. It is very unrealistic to be happy all the time and always enjoy the “best years of our lives.” We fail exams, get our hearts broken, fight with friends, miss home, and get too drunk. Just like we are supposed to be enjoying these years, we are also supposed to be making mistakes and getting a little hurt, because without the hard times there would be no “best times.” I would personally take all of those hard moments to still be able to experience college.

Sometimes things can just suck and it can be hard to talk about it with your parents because they are the ones paying for this experience. Plus, it can also be hard to talk about it with your friends. So how can we find our way through when we don’t feel like talking? Well, THIS SUCKS! essential oil blend could be a start. The name alone offers immediate validation. This relatable blend offers relief in times of need, and preparation before those times. The keynotes of peppermint, red grapefruit, and lemongrass trigger excitement and awaken us while chamomile acts as the calming agent, bringing us back to our center. I find myself in dire need of this blend when I am getting ready for a class presentation, job interview, or exam to help me calm my nerves and turn my anxiety into excitement!

You know what the best part about all of this is? If you are a mess like me and just really need to get your life together AROOMATHERAPY combines all of these beautiful oil blends into a little kit called the FIRST AID KIT. It is just like our first aid kits from elementary school but elevated as f%$. We don’t need band-aids for playground injuries anymore. We need some ‘calming to the max’ essential oil blends for our inner booboos that happen in the classroom, at bars, and at frat houses. Let our wellness journeys begin with this lifesaving kit of gloriousness!


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