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Your Foolproof, Stink-Proof Post Gym Routine

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Your Foolproof, Stink-Proof Post Gym Routine

by Anna Valaik

Have you ever gone to the gym, finished a hard workout, left feeling like the next Olympic athlete, only to realize you smell entirely like a dirty sock? Well, if you haven’t, it’s the most defeating feeling ever, especially when you realize it as your campus crush points out the “weird smell” lingering in the classroom that day. Yikes!

So, suffice it to say, it’s very necessary to learn how to smell good after gym class so as not to turn-off any other possible love interests amongst the other obvious reasons. These things happen as the gym is oftentimes an integral part of a college student’s daily or weekly routine. However, as many students have jam-packed schedules that don’t allow for much flexibility, working out and other non-essential activities are often put on the back burner. As a result, gym sessions are frequently squeezed in between classes, meetings, and meals, which doesn’t leave much time for a post-gym routine. 

And a post-gym routine is very, very important to implement when it comes to seeing people in class or on campus. No one wants to smell like a dirty sock or have people wince in disgust when they are around you. Learning how to smell good after the gym without needing to shower or spend an hour getting ready is a skill that will come in handy for years to come.

Here are five steps that will have you leaving with that much-coveted post-gym glow.

Spritz on a Body Spray

Along with your face, the body gets equally, if not sweatier after a workout. But sweat isn’t the only concern; it’s the smell from the sweat that can linger and stink up your entire body. Many clothing items absorb our perspiration, too, which is great for ample movement but not great for when you have to wear those clothes for hours after the gym. Hot yoga classes, especially, can leave you feeling as if you actually did shower just not with water! With your own sweat. Gross!

As sweaty as the gym can be, and as much as you may want/need a shower almost immediately, that’s not always possible. Class may be soon, or that mile walk back to the dorms may sound just too daunting after leg day. This is where a perfume or cologne comes in handy, and thankfully The Gym Spray doesn’t just have to be for your face. Just as these essential oils are known to refresh the face, removing dirt and grime, they can also do the same for the body. So, after a few (or a hundred) swipes of deodorant, spritz it on and see the magic it can do in changing your scent. Go crazy with the spray! Spray it in every crevice you want—under your arms, on your hands, and even on your sweaty socks. Even spray it inside your gym bag to give it a refresher. As you are “rinsing” your body off with the spray, take in all the delicious scents included in the blend. The Lemon and Lime give off a refreshing citrus scent, while the Eucalyptus is minty and sharp. It’s the perfect concoction to convince people that you're one of those rare people whose sweat somehow smells natural and not absolutely repulsive. It’s the perfect lie.

Wash Your Face Thoroughly (Try a Toner!)

Although elaborate multi-step skincare routines can sometimes prove more frivolous than necessary, many should consider adding a facial toner to their line-up, especially if they are sweating a lot throughout the day. According to dermcollective, toners help remove all the leftover residue and dirt lingering after a cleanse. Toners can really aid those who are acne-prone or have irritated skin after working out because they calm the face. Furthermore, toners restore the face’s pH balance. A normal pH level is essential for protecting the skin from bacteria and pollutants aka free radicals. Some cleansing agents can cause this level to get out of whack, leading to sensitivity and those irritating dry patches. So, if you are on the go, try using the Gym Spray as a toner! Toners are often formulated with ingredients that are intended to maximize these positive, hydrating, and refreshing aftereffects and the Gym Spray is no different. This blend of 100% pure essential oils, which includes Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Spearmint, all of which are known to have calming and cooling effects. It’s like a giant drink of water but for the skin. So, give your inflamed, flushed face the hydration it’s begging for.

After spritzing The Gym Spray gently across the face, it almost feels like you somehow removed all the blood, sweat, and tears produced during that difficult yoga class or weightlifting session. So, next time you are running out of the locker room or bathroom, think twice before you skip an entire skincare session. Who knows, you may run into your dorm room crush on the way to class, and you don’t want them to think your skin is glowing because of them! It’s not because you got ready for an hour just hoping you would see them. It’s not because you showered. It’s because you took the extra few seconds to spritz your face with The Gym Spray after crushing it in the gym. That’s some serious self-care right there.

“Shower” Your Hair with Dry Shampoo 

Dry shampoo to the rescue! The hair gods have blessed mankind with this incredible on-the-go product that leaves hair looking fresh, even if it just endured the longest spin class ever. Dry shampoo absorbs sweat, leaving hair looking somehow dry and voluminous. Make sure to take your hair down if it is in an elastic before using dry shampoo to ensure the best possible application. Spritz some on to the roots, making sure to get underneath those hard-to-reach spots. Let the product rest for a few seconds before brushing it through your hair, either with a hairbrush or simply your hands. Dry shampoo truly is a lifesaver on those days where you can’t just throw a hat on and call it a day. So, next time you accidentally almost miss an important meeting because you are at the gym and now need to rush somewhere, no need to worry. Grab your dry shampoo and spray away.

Wipe Away the Sweat...Literally.

Wipes don’t just have to be for babies! Quite honestly, wipes are the next best thing to showering if you are pressed for time. Many drugstore brands sell deodorant wipes, which can be used really anywhere that needs a refresher. Try wiping the sweatier areas, like around the chest, neck, and underarm area. Not only will they give off a good scent, but they will also provide you with the perfect cool-down. Their wet texture is relaxing and revitalizing, especially when your body is overheating and in need of some refreshment.

Change Your Clothing

Thankfully, if you are a clean freak and no amount of spray could ever suffice, you can always plan ahead and pack a spare outfit in your bag. This step is especially important for those going an entire day without a shower from the gym. Stripping off some wet yoga pants and a tank top and putting on clean clothes will feel like the most luxurious thing ever. You will leave feeling fresh and more prepared for your day, considering you won’t be distracted by the unpleasant smells radiating off your entire body. Make sure to pack an extra pair of underwear and socks, too. Not only will changing help remove any possible lingering scents, but it will also keep your skin from getting irritated and acneic. Dried-up sweat full of bacteria is most definitely not good if you are trying to prevent back or leg acne. For these reasons, it’s time to get off your butt and take those extra ten minutes to plan a post-gym outfit!

With these tips, hopefully you won’t be afraid to hit the gym at any time. It really is as simple as having a set post-gym routine that will keep you from feeling disgusting or stinking up an entire room. At the end of the day, the gym should be about self care and moving your body. All the other stuff, like stressing about who you will see there or how you are going to look after a kickboxing class, doesn’t really matter. Once you take care of yourself in and out of the gym, you will start seeing how that “post-gym glow” really just is your natural, radiating glow shining through at all times.


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