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AROOMATHERAPY is a collection of thoughtfully created essential oil blends, intention sprays and holistic lifestyle products specifically geared toward college life and designed for all genders.  

Our primary focus is to bring an awareness to the power of intention and balance; the dichotomy of laugh-out-loud joy and mind-spinning challenges.  We’re openly (and humbly) nudging you to commit to putting your heart and soul into manifesting the type of person you wish to be; defining your purpose, your character, your hopes and your dreams.  We like to call it living ‘soul-fully’ each day.

And let’s face it, it’s a crazy world! Not to sound sappy but we are all about checking in with feelings and emotions; the awesome highs and tricky lows. The in-your-face life-changing experiences as well as the seemingly mundane stuff.  It takes time, effort and a heck of a lot of patience to figure out how to balance it all.  But for us, that’s really the end goal and ultimately, the inspiration behind AROOMATHERAPY. 

Each AROOMATHERAPY Essential Oil Blend & Lifestyle Spray is formulated with varying feelings, experiences and purposes in mind and made with 100% pure essential oils – no synthetics, no toxic stuff blasting out through your diffuser.  (That deal that you got on the $10 essential oil kit perhaps on Amazon…well, just sayin’). 

Our hope is that your favorite AROOMATHERAPY blends will always remind you of your college years; your friends, your experiences and ultimately, this exciting and impactful time in your life.  As you delve into our site, we think you’ll see what we mean.

P.S. A little fun fact:  While our formulas were developed specifically with college students in mind, we’re finding that college moms are falling in love with some of our formulas as well.  Thank you for expanding the love.

 And lastly, it's not a typo:)...It's pronounced AROOOOOOMATHERAPY:)


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