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Before you check out our Spotify playlists below, we wanted to bring you up to speed. By now, you’ve probably figured out that AROOMATHERAPY is a very niche essential oils brand.  In a nutshell, we create super high-quality, all-natural products for a variety of feelings and moods that come with the trials and tribulations of college life.  It’s a rollercoaster and we get it. Up, down, or sideways, we’ve put a lot of thought into it all and hope you’ll give our little holistic, hippie-dippy approach a shot. Ready?

So where does the music come in?  Music affects your mood through sound.  Essential oils may also affect your mood through your sense of smell.  To save some space here, we’ll let you google all of that.  Anyway, just like music genres, certain essential oils can elicit various vibes.  Some for energy, some for chilling, some for focusing.  You get the idea.  So, when you use both senses together in a complimentary way, doing so simultaneously and really mindfully…Ding! Ding! Ding! You’ve got a winning combo of a next-level type of experience! So, turn that frown upside down, manifest the hell out of those dreams, or simply take a beat and chill-out. 

We’ve got a team of passionate Music Curators who put a lot of thought into creating each of these playlists to serve as a compliment to our respective essential oil blends, intention sprays and mood sprays.  Think of it as being similar to how different music genres are associated with certain kinds of vibes. Like music styles, each essential oil variety may also have an effect on your mood.  For example, pop music can be bright and happy just like some floral and citrus oils while lo-fi tracks can chill you out or allow you to focus which is sometimes the same with some floral and woody oils.  So, we decided to combine the two mediums to create a pretty, unique experience…a heightened, multi-sensory experience.  It’s not magic.  You need to be focused on the intention; the outcome that you wish and how you want to feel.  But trust us, there’s something to it.

Plus, your dorm room will no longer smell like the dirty laundry that you’ve neglected for the past week!  So, there’s that.


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