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A year of new experiences; exploring brand new people, places and things.  It's actually pretty life-changing!  Our FRESHMAN Essential Oil Blend is spicy with a little citrus kick and we hope that the aroma will forever evoke awesome memories of your first year.  We threw in our SUNDAY SCARIES Blend for all of the nights when you're kind of overwhelmed.  The GYM SPRAY, is of course, a nudge to stay healthy and stay balanced (like in a yoga or treadmill kind of way:).  


  • 5 ml FRESHMAN Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend
  • 5 ml SUNDAY SCARIES Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend
  • 2 oz GYM SPRAY


Sure, you may have brought some lavender or peppermint oils to school.  This stuff, though, is next-level!


Electric Diffuser>: Fill diffuser chamber with water & begin by adding 5-7 drops of EO Blend, plugin and enjoy! FYI...The number of EO Blend drops depends on the size of your electric diffuser and therefore, our recommendations are just a starting point for smaller units. Use your judgment always remembering "less is more" and you can always add.

No Diffuser: No Worries! >Use as a sachet and place a few drops on a couple of cotton balls and tuck into your closet, drawers, or car.

Inhalation: >Place 3 drops in the palm of your hand, rub palms for a few seconds, and close your eyes while raising your palms near your nose (without touching your skin). Take 3 deep inhales and exhales (6 counts each). Allow your shoulders to drop, set an intention and simply, take a moment to be present.

Give the bottle a gentle shake prior to using. Spray as recommended below.

Spray on body for a refreshing post-workout.

Use as a facial toner when running from yoga to class.

That backpack of yours can get a little funky. Every once in a while, empty it out and give it a few spritzes of gym spray.



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