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You're a year in and it's now time to begin setting some intentions (key up our PRONOIA Spray)!  It's a lil' somethin' somethin' to support your goals and dreams and it's also our top-selling body spray as a personal fragrance (a bit of a humble brag but we're all about spreading the love!)  We've included our 2AM Blend for those nights when you're tossing and turning as well as our LOW-KEY Blend to remind you to take time-outs now and again and just chill.


  • 2 oz PRONOIA Intention Spray
  • 5 ml 2 AM Essential Oil Blend             
  • 5 ml LOW-KEY Essential Oil Blend


From a scent standpoint, you will smell amazing and so will your room!  

HOW TO USE ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS: Fill diffuser chamber with water & begin by adding 5-7 drops of EO Blend, plugin and enjoy! FYI...The number of EO Blend drops depends on the size of your electric diffuser and therefore, our recommendations are just a starting point for smaller units.  Use your judgment always remembering "less is more" and you can always add.

Inhalation: Place 3 drops in the palm of your hand, rub palms for a few seconds, and close your eyes while raising your palms near your nose (without touching your skin). Take 3 deep inhales and exhales (6 counts each). Allow your shoulders to drop, set an intention and simply, take a moment to be present.

INTENTION SPRAY:  Give the bottle a gentle shake prior to using.  Take a moment to set an intention to fulfill your dreams.  Spray throughout your space as needed. May also be used as a body spray fragrance (avoid spraying directly on clothing).



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